Delacon's cloud hosted VoIP PBX


Delacon’s fully hosted VoIP PBX uses a premium business grade internet backbone enabling you to make and receive telephone calls wherever you have an internet connection.  Your business will gain a host of benefits including flexibility, scalability, versatility and huge savings over traditional telephone suppliers.

As a leading provider of VoIP in Australia, Delacon’s system is a competitively priced platform, which is fully supported to give you the peace of mind that you will receive all your calls crystal clear – so you can get on with doing business.

You will also have access to many features at no extra cost. These include conferencing capabilities, call transfers to other staff members, or to your mobile if you are not in the office so you never miss a call, and voicemail to email – which makes a Delacon Virtual PBX unbeatable value.

In fact the low cost VoIP and PBX solutions are so effective that we do not feel the need to lock you into lengthy contracts, and with no set up charge you can start saving today.

Make cheap calls from a mobile phone with mobile VoIP

With Delacon’s mobileVoIP you can make cheap VoIP calls from your mobile phone. Delacon’s mobileVoIP is currently supported on iPhones, Android phones and Symbian phones.

All you need is:

  • A smart-phone with a compatible operating system – currently available for iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android.
  • Good quality WiFi or 3G connection to the device
  • A Delacon account, and a spare Delacon SIP Endpoint username and password

Getting started with Delacon’s VoIP PBX

Step 1 – Select a plan from these low cost solutions

Virtual PBX Plans 2 lines 4 lines 8 lines 12 lines 20 lines 30 lines
Number of VoIP Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of concurrent VoIP Calls 2 4 8 12 20 30
Monthly Fee $35 $80 $160 $210 $300 $350
DID Numbers Included* 5 10 20 30 40 50
Local/National Calls 2c/min 2c/min 2c/min 2c/min 2c/min 2c/min
Mobile Calls 20c/min 20c/min 15c/min 15c/min 15c/min 15c/min
Outbound SMS 20c/sms 20c/sms 20c/sms 20c/sms 20c/sms 20c/sms
International Calls From 3c/min From 3c/min From 3c/min From 3c/min From 3c/min From 3c/min
1300 Numbers in Plan^ 0 included 0 included 0 included 0 included 1 included 1 included

* Direct In Dial (DID) numbers with Business Quality VoIP plans are local Sydney, Melbourne and Perth DIDs only. ^ For the included 1300 number Delacon will waive the monthly charge, however any other charges associated with this number will still apply. The establishment of a 1300 number can take up to one week. Use of a Delacon 1300 number is at customer’s discretion, if only VOIP is required then this 1300 number does not have to be used.

Step 2 – Choose your phone

Delacon has a comprehensive selection of VoIP handsets available as well as some “softphone” options which allow you to turn your computer into a business phone. Read more about VoIP phones.

Step 3 – Start saving

Place your order today and we will set you up and deliver the equipment so all you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go. Register now.

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