Improve customer service with Delacon's IVR solution

Using a state-of-the-art proprietary routing platform and sophisticated speech recognition technology, Delacon’s IVR software, which can used as a standalone product or as part of our advanced call tracking solution, ensures that calls to a central toll free number are directed to the most appropriate termination point for your business. One advertised number can route to dozens of termination points.

IVR Menuing

IVR menuing is perfect for businesses that have multiple termination points within the organisation and would like to direct the caller to the most appropriation destination. You may recognise IVR menuing as, for example, a prompt that says, “press one for sales, press two for accounts, press three technical support,” and so on. The advantage of using Delacon’s IVR solution is that you can setup, configure and modify your IVR using our easy-to-use interface. This allows our clients to monitor their own IVR structure and audio messages, and to make changes whenever the need arises from wherever they have access to the internet.

With Delacon’s IVR solution you can:

  • Select and modify the IVR structure
  • Select and modify the call termination number
  • Select and modify whether you want a transfer message played
  • Select and modify the maximum attempts for before transferring to the default termination number
  • Select and modify the email address for the call notification email
  • Upload the welcome message
  • Upload the IVR prompts message
  • Upload the music on hold
  • Upload the whisper message

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This diagram illustrates how Delacon’s IVR solution works.


Postcode Routing

Postcode routing is perfect when an organistion would like the caller to nominate the location of the store or business they want to speak with. An IVR message will instruct the caller to either say the postcode or enter the postcode using the keypad on their phone. Once the IVR system has the location, the call will be routed to the nearest location to the caller’s request. If the nearest store is busy or closed, the system can be engineered to automatically route the call to nearest available location. This solution is perfect for businesses that want to give the power to the customer to decide which store location they want to speak with.

Mobile Call Routing

With mobile call routing the call will be automatically transferred to the store or business located closest to the caller. When the caller uses their mobile phone, this solution uses the nearest mobile cell tower to determine the location of the caller. Alternatively, if the caller uses a landline phone, the system can use the telephone exchange to determine the nearest route for their call. Mobile call routing is ideal for businesses that want to route their calls to the nearest location of the caller automatically without the customer even realising that the business has multiple operators.

IVR Survey

Collecting survey data is now as easy as pressing one, two, three with Delacon’s IVR Survey telephone-based solution. The caller will be prompted to either enter their response to a series of questions using their telephone keypad or speaking the answers directly into the telephone. Surveys can be configured as a standalone solution or used as a post-call option to collect data based on the results of the conversation.


Pricing will depend on your unique business requirements and volumes. As a guide, our IVR charges start from as low as $0.05 per minute for high volume clients. For more detailed pricing ideas please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a complete quote within 24 hours.