Streamline your business with sophisticated telephone solutions

From Hosted IVR to VoIP PBX, we have a great range of inbound and outbound solutions that are designed to streamline your business and make it easier for your customers to contact you. We can help you record your inbound or outbound calls, conduct surveys over the phone or online and implement the fantastic click to call functionality on your website.

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Toll Free Numbers


A toll free number promoted on your advertising platforms looks professional and encourages potential clients to contact you. In addition to the use of a toll free number, Delacon also offers a range of fantastic ‘value-added’ features that will allow you to take full advantage of these unique numbers.

Click to Call


Improve conversions by offering your customers an intuitive contact point that brings a new level of interactivity to your website. The click to call functionality is an icon that’s placed on your web pages. When a potential customer clicks on the icon, a pop up box opens asking them to enter their phone number.

Call Recording


Recording calls gives you a better understanding of your customers and helps to improve customer service and sales techniques. Delacon’s call recording software is easy to implement and the recordings are available immediately at the end of the conversation.

Hosted IVR


Improve customer service and reduce costs with Delacon’s hosted IVR solution. With a market leading voice recognition engine employing sophisticated VoiceXML and speech recognition technology to detect and adapt to the speakers voice, the Delacon IVR will effectively and accurately route calls according to choices made by each caller.

Survey Line


Delacon’s survey application allows your organisation to quickly and easily conduct surveys both online and over the phone with instantaneous results made available.



Delacon’s fully hosted VoIP PBX uses a premium business grade internet backbone enabling you to make and receive telephone calls wherever you have an internet connection.  Your business will gain a host of benefits including flexibility, scalability, versatility and huge savings over traditional telephone suppliers.