IVR Capture – also known as DTMF Intercept – allows you to capture the phone menu options pressed by callers in your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System.

By capturing the menu options pressed by your callers, you can see which departments your callers are actually going through to, which can allow you to make more informed business decisions and see how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving calls to your sales team.

This option is available even if you don’t use Delacon’s IVR product.

How can I use the IVR Capture information?

The IVR Capture information has a number of applications:

  1. To see which departments are receiving the highest volume of calls. This information can be used to better allocate staff resources according to call volumes or to give you an indication you may need to increase your marketing budget.
  2. To see if your marketing campaigns are working, assuming your campaigns are designed to deliver sales inquiries. If most of your calls are going through to account or billing inquiries, this may be an indication your campaigns need tweaking.
  3. To see if you have any issues with your product or service. If the bulk of your calls are going through to support, this may be an indication that something isn’t right and you may need to fix your product or service or have better guides on your website explaining how to use it.
Where can I see the IVR Capture data?

The IVR capture data will appear in the Call Log Report under the ‘Call’ column. The Call Log Report can be accessed through your Delacon login.

Each digit represents the menu tone pressed by the caller. For example, if 150 are displayed, it means the caller pressed ‘Option 1’, ‘Option 5’, and Option ‘0’.


The IVR Capture data  can be fed into a variety of platforms, including Google Analytics and Double Click, to help you and your digital marketing teams or agencies optimize your campaigns.

In Google Analytics, the IVR Capture data will come through as an event.


A health services company is beginning a new online advertising campaign, aimed at attracting new prospects to their business. They use Delacon’s call tracking solution to provide dynamic numbers for their Google and Display advertising, which connects to their IVR.

The IVR has two menu options:

‘Press 1 if you are a new customer’

‘Press 2 if you are an existing customer’

Thanks to IVR Capture, they are able to see that after a month, 50 existing customers have called the business, compared to only 5 new customers.

This information can allow them to change their ads to make sure they are attracting the types of phone calls they want.

If you would like more information on this feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.