Delacon’s call tracking solution is now integrated with Adobe Analytics, one of the world’s leading analytics platforms which ‘empowers you to understand your customers as people’.

Our integration pushes call tracking data into the platform, allowing you to view call conversions alongside web conversions.

How does the integration work?

By simply connecting your Delacon Call Tracking solution to Adobe Analytics through the Delacon Portal, you can start to see phone calls pushed into the Adobe platform.

Creating a custom conversion for calls allows, phone calls to be pushed into the platform as events, allowing you to see the volume of phone calls received.

What call attributes can be pushed into Adobe Analytics?

Our integration allows other call tracking data and not just total call volume to be pushed into the Adobe Analytics platform:

Attribute Name Attribute API Key Description
PLA_Call_Id PLA_Call_Id The Call ID
PLA_CallResult PLA_CallResult The result of the call: Answered, Busy, Hang UP
PLA_City PLA_City City call originated
PLA_Dtmf PLA_Dtmf The phone menu option selected by the caller
PLA_DtmfDesc PLA_DtmfDesc The name of the menu option selected by the caller
PLA_Duration PLA_Duration Duration of the call
PLA_Exchange PLA_Exchange The exchange the call originated
PLA_Locale PLA_Locale The country and local language
PLA_State PLA_State State the call originated
PLA_SurveyOutcome PLA_SurveyOutcome Outcome of the post call survey
PLA_SurveySaleAmount PLA_SurveySaleAmount Sales value if a sale occurred

See screenshot examples below of total calls, call duration and call result:

Integration Guide

For our integration guide into Adobe Analytics, click here.

Interested in integrating with Adobe Analytics?

If you use Adobe Analytics and want to push call tracking data into the platform, contact us today!