Integrated with significant marketing automation software

Integrating call tracking into your marketing automation software will give you greater insights into your customers’ journeys, which in turn will give you the vital information to streamline your marketing campaigns and increase conversions.

Through the analysis of call activity you’ll have a more accurate measurement of how customers are responding to your marketing messages as they proceed down the sales funnel. You’ll be able to measure the success of marketing automation campaigns with the inclusion of call tracking data for complete information. If you don’t include calls, then your automation tools won’t be working with all the facts and may prioritise the wrong assets.

Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with Marketo.

Why integrate call tracking with marketing automation?

  • More accurate measurement of marketing automation campaigns that drive leads
  • Greater insights into the customer journey both online and offline
  • Tailor marketing activity to the individual customer
  • Score lead activity to trigger additional campaigns


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