Through a technical integration, Delacon’s call tracking solution can send call data into Acquisio so that you have access to all of your campaign performance data in one platform. Delacon’s solution enhances Acquisio’s impressive reporting tools by adding phone calls as a key conversion component. You will now have a complete and accurate view of the performance of all your online marketing campaigns including paid ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media platforms.

By taking into account both click and call data, you’ll be able to more accurately determine your return on investment and by using Acquisio’s campaign optimisation functionality you’ll be able to streamline your campaigns for even greater success.

Call conversion data is important because sales calls generally attract higher quality leads. By using Delacon’s solution in conjunction with Acquisio you can potentially generate more calls from your online paid campaigns and at the same time decrease the cost-per-call.

Acquisio is the perfect platform to manage pay-per-click campaigns by giving you the ability to track KPIs and to measure the success. You can even create custom rules using Acquisio’s Bid and Budget Management tool that triggers automatic enhancements or alerts based on the campaign performance. These sophisticated algorithms, which feature a near real-time ability to make amendments, are made even more intelligent with the inclusion of call data.

The end result is that your pay-per-click budget is being spent more efficiently.

To benefit from call tracking data in Acquisio, contact the sales team at Delacon.