Integrated with significant Bid Management platforms

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution integrates with a range of Bid Management platforms. As a marketer, by collecting both web and call data in one system, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse online campaign performance. With the inclusion of call data you will have a true representation of the success of online campaigns. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions and optimise paid campaigns from a position of complete knowledge – all displayed within your Bid Management platform.

Delacon’s Call Tracking integrates with Kenshoo, Acquisio, Google Ads, Marin Software and Google DoubleClick.

Why integrate Call Tracking with Bid Management?

  • Easy access to ALL campaign performance data
  • Attribute online campaigns to offline call conversions
  • More accurately measure campaign performance
  • More accurately measure the return on investment
  • Make more informed decisions on campaign optimisation
  • Optimise campaigns to maximise return on investment


Skai Logo

As a global software company, SKAI develops cloud-based digital marketing solutions and predictive media optimisation technology. The organisation is determined to provide marketers with the technology to build their brands and to generate demand across all media platforms.

Marin Software

Marin Software

Marin Software offers a complete revenue acquisition management platform that incorporates workflow, analytics and optimisation tools – all are designed to save time, make better decisions and improve financial results. The software allows marketers to become efficient in responding to technology trends, to take control across platforms to make better decisions and to optimise the bidding process.


acquisio logo

Acquisio proudly brand themselves as the world’s leading performance media platform. This innovative solution helps marketers buy, track, manage, optimise and report on media across all campaign channels including search, display and social media. It was originally designed purely for search marketing but has more recently evolved to include facebook and retargeted advertising.

Google Ads


Google’s online advertising program allows marketers to promote products and services using the innovative pay-per-click model in Google search results and across the Google display network. With Google Ads, you can create your own ads, select which keywords and phrases to target and choose where the ad should appear. In this way, your online advertising can be focused.


DoubleClick Logo1

Google promotes DoubleClick as a technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers. It is designed to assist in driving direct sales revenue by seamlessly managing and accelerating digital ad operations on the web. Marketers can also streamline sales and enhance visibility throughout the sales cycle.


Tapclicks 2

tapClicks offers an integrated marketing operations platform which helps with sales enablement, workflow and order management, analytics and automated reporting. This is all available within a single cloud-based user interface.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

adobe advertising cloud image

Adobe Advertising Cloud allows you to analyze the impact of your targeting strategies—deep within paid media and broad across marketing channels. It is integrated with Adobe Analytics and helps you gain a complete picture of how ads are performing and where to improve them to power your advertising more easily and efficiently.