How do I track the types of phone calls I receive if I don’t use Delacon’s IVR?

If you are using an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system external to Delacon, you may want to know which menu options a caller is selecting once they have called you via the call tracking number we provide you.

The newly developed DTMF Intercept feature allows Delacon to capture the tones of the menu option key presses on your third party IVR system.

These key presses can then be reported in your call reports and through to Google Analytics.

Why should I consider using the DTMF Intercept feature?

Using this feature allows you to do a number of things:

  1. Track the types of calls that are coming through and which department the calls are ending up – are they sales calls, support calls or account enquiries?
  2. Optimise your advertising campaigns based on the results of the data captured by the DTMF Intercept feature,

How do I set it up?

Setting up the DTMF intercept feature is easy. Simply login to your Delacon account, scroll down to ‘Intercept DTMF’ and enter the number of menu tones you want recorded. It will automatically default to 0 which means no options will be recorded.

How will it display in my reports?

In the detailed call log, under the DTMF column the numbers of the menu prompts entered by the caller will be displayed.

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