The management of your customer’s campaign and phone numbers has become even easier with the latest development from Delacon – the Provisioning API.

What is provisioning?

Provisioning is the purchasing of local or toll free phone numbers from telecommunication providers. These numbers can be used online on your website, on your display, search or social campaigns or offline on print, radio, television or outdoor advertising.

The old way to provision numbers

Previously you were required to login to your Delacon account and manually request a new number or an updated number. Delacon’s provisioning team would then need to manually request the numbers from our telco provider for you. This process was particularly difficult for organisations that had a large amount of numbers which needed to be updated or changed.

The new way

The newly developed API enables integrating partners to manage the provisioning of their customer’s numbers themselves by writing an integration program which can call the Delacon API. The new API allows new and existing clients to:

  • Add new numbers
  • Edit existing numbers

Security of the API

The API is secured by authentication mechanism compounded with SSL access to the Delacon URL for API provisioning.

Setting up:

Step 1: Login to your Delacon account


Step 2: Click on “API Key”

Step 3: The API Key page will show one value:

  1. AuthToken

Remember, the AuthToken will need to be persisted on the integration partner side to be used in the integration program later.

Possible results from calling API:

Please look at the detailed integration guide here for the detailed API request and response specifications.


The API also provides for a notification to be sent back to the integrating partner (if required) on completion of the provisioning request which cannot be completed immediately by the program.

For that, it is very important to remember that the integrating partners needs to provide a notification URL to Delacon in order for the API to be able to post back the notification.

If you would like more information on the Provisional API please see the document below or call us on 1300 752 130.