What is call tracking and why do I need it?

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution will give you insights into what happens before, during and after a call. It gives you sophisticated ways of managing calls and the ability to capture information about the callers that feeds directly into reporting software ready for segmentation. You’ll be able to track the customer’s journey from the marketing initiative through to the phone call and beyond.

If you’re not using Delacon’s Call Tracking, you probably don’t have all the relevant information about the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Sure, you have the data on email enquiries and online conversions, but what about customers who respond to your campaigns by phone?

Calls are important – 43% of all online search-related conversions take place over the phone and the majority of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable source of quality leads.

Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution will give you the complete data picture so that you can more effectively optimise marketing campaigns and streamline budgets to maximise the return.


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Benefits of Call Tracking

  • Follow the entire customer journey from online search through to offline call inquiry
  • Match calls to the marketing initiative (both online and offline) that drove the inquiry
  • Identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone leads
  • Identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone sales
  • Confidently optimise marketing campaigns and channels with complete knowledge
  • Confidently route calls from online search to the most appropriate sales team

How does Delacon's call tracking solution work?

Delacon’s call tracking solution uses sophisticated technology developed in-house. Our solution uses dynamic number insertion on websites and specific call tracking numbers on offline marketing campaigns.

Delacon’s solution treats the call as a conversion. When a customer connects to an organisation with a dynamic call tracking number, the data is automatically collected into the reporting software for analysis.

Here’s an overview of the flow between the online search and the offline phone inquiry:

  1. A potential customer searches for your service or product using a search engine.
  2. The customer clicks through to your webpage.
  3. Delacon’s system dynamically swaps in a unique call tracking number on the web pages they visit.
  4. The customer calls your company using the dynamic number.
  5. This call triggers Delacon’s system to collect the data and send it to your analytics platform.
  6. The data is available for analysis and the optimisation of marketing campaigns and channels.
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Watch live call tracking with an organic search

Watch live call tracking with a paid search

Analyse data in one place

With Delacon’s call tracking solution you will know the:

  • Time, date, length and result of calls
  • Geographical location of calls
  • Telephone number of the caller (unless withheld)
  • Answering point telephone number
  • Device the caller used to find to your website (eg iPhone, Firefox)
  • The internet service provider of the device the caller used
  • Number of calls per web source
  • Online browsing activity leading up to the call
  • Keywords used to find your website
  • Referring URL
  • The call outcome such as whether it was a sale and the sale value.

Delacon’s call tracking solution seamlessly integrates with a range of marketing platforms that you’re already using.

The call data can be analysed together with online metrics in one place to give you meaningful insights based on complete information.

Delacon’s solution is integrated with leading providers in tag management, website analytics including Google Analytics and Google Universal, bid management, CRM software such as Salesforce and marketing automation software such as Marketo.

Safe, secure and easy to implement

padlockDelacon’s call tracking solution is a cloud based solution – you don’t need to purchase any hardware and there’s no software to install.

All data is safely stored in a secure tier one data centre. Implementation is quick and easy – you could be up and running in as little as 24 hours and if you need help, our support team will be on hand if you have any questions.