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Introducing Bulk Upload for Seamless IVR Route Configuration

Navigating the telecommunications and interactive voice response (IVR) landscape can pose challenges when managing postcodes and their associated endpoint details. Fortunately, users can now streamline their IVR Route by uploading in bulk. This feature empowers users to effortlessly upload lists of postcodes, along with termination numbers, notification emails, and optional transfer durations, simplifying the entire process.

How It Works

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. Users need to create a CSV file with three mandatory columns: DTMF (postcode), Termination Number, and Email ID. Additionally, if users wish to specify the transfer time duration for a call, they can include a fourth column indicating the desired duration. If no value is provided in the fourth column, the default transfer time of 40 seconds will be applied.

Accessing Bulk Upload

To add postcodes using the Bulk Upload feature, users can navigate to the designated section and click on ‘Bulk Upload.’ This action triggers a pop-up dialogue box where users can choose to either append to an existing postcode IVR listing or overwrite the existing listing with a fresh set of endpoints. It’s important to note that selecting the ‘overwrite’ option clears all existing details, not just those of the postcodes being uploaded.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Create CSV File: Begin by preparing a CSV file with the required columns (DTMF, Termination Number, and Email ID). You can also include a fourth column for transfer durations if needed.
  • Navigate to Bulk Upload: Access the Bulk Upload feature from the designated section in the system.
  • Choose Action: Decide whether to add to an existing listing or overwrite it with new endpoints.
  • Import Routes: Click on ‘Import Routes’ to initiate the upload process.
  • Verification: After the upload, users can verify that the postcodes and their associated details have been successfully added.

Should you encounter any challenges during the setup or have questions about the postcode IVR system, our dedicated Support team is readily available to assist you.