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Suncorp and Delacon call tracking case study 2020

Using Delacon solutions, Suncorp has been able to realise a 14% increase in ROAS and a 16% decrease in CPA

Suncorp was effectively tracking and measuring sales and the customer journey through its online digital channels. However, with a high percentage of sales conversions occurring via the telephone through its contact centre channel, it wanted a solution that could accurately attribute and measure how existing and potential customers engaged and converted with its brands as a result of paid media activity.

Suncorp uses AdTech and Martech stacks Google Marketing Platform (GA360, SA360, DCM) and also Adobe Analytics (for BI) and needed a technology solution that could easily integrate with both. Delacon’s Call Analytics solution was selected to address the measurement and attribution gap across its contact centre channel. It provided rich data insights on customer journeys and sales that Suncorp needed to make informed business decisions.

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