Convert More Energy Leads With Call Tracking

Convert More Energy Leads with Call Tracking

According to Forrester Research, a customer who initiates an inbound call converts 30% faster, spends 28% more, and has a 28% higher retention rate. In our technological age, consumers are being driven to call companies via more sources than ever before. In order to convert more leads of higher quality, it is crucial to consider the importance of phone calls.

Research has also found that up to 46% of people would most likely explore other brands if they were unable to call a business directly from search results. This makes having click to call numbers available across all your digital channels – your website, EDMs, Google My Business Listing, Call Extensions incredibly important to your business’s success in lead generation, and in developing trust with your audience and potential customers.

In the world of performance marketing, connecting online to offline activity is key to understanding what touch-points are driving performance. Call Tracking works together with your optimization strategies to deliver a greater ROI and provide you with the powerful data needed to fine tune the best possible customer experience.

Additionally, adding data from Call Tracking to the mix, allows energy businesses to monitor which marketing sources are delivering calls to their business, providing a more complete view of their overall marketing campaign performance.

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