HTML Email Alerts

We’ve got a great new feature that we’ve just released, and we wanted you to know all about it.

A customisable HTML email template can now be generated for every call, providing you with a recording of the call as well as relevant caller and tracking details. This is great news for all Delacon customers, and is an especially handy tool for agencies and directories. There are five separate email templates to cover all call categories: Answered; Missed call with no voicemail; Missed call with voicemail; Busy call with no voicemail and Busy call with voicemail left.

Each email has a five star rating, meaning all calls can be rated based on their quality. If you are an agency or directory, this can be used as a tool for your clients to provide feedback about call satisfaction. This function will enable you to gather important data from your clients about the quality and success of the call.

You will have instant access to post-call details such as those below, as well as various other fields you will be able to view and configure in the Delacon Portal via our Email Alert guide.

Caller Details

Tracking Details

Caller Status

Source type

Caller Number

Business name

Date of call

Business category

Duration of call

Tracking number


This is what one example of the HTML email alert (Missed with voicemail left):



HTML email alerts are easy to set up, once you login to the Delacon Portal, go to ->Services-> Email Configuration Service-> Select “Copy Default Template” and Submit for all email types. The template will then be active and ready for you to use.

It’s the quickest and simplest way to access your call data in one place and make sure you can track all your calls and never miss a lead.

If you would like some more information about our new HTML template, please refer to the HTML email template guide, or get in contact with us today!