Google Data Studio

Delacon Call Tracking Data Now Available in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a data visualization platform, letting you create ‘dynamic and visually compelling reports and dashboards’.

Its ability to connect to multiple data sources – both within the Google ecosystem and outside – makes it incredibly flexible to use.

  • Create visually appealing reports, graphs and dashboards.
  • Connect to multiple data sources including Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Google Sheets etc.
  • Share and collaborate with others just like on Google Drive.
  • Saves time as you setup the report initially and then run it whenever you want.
  • Unlimited report widgets available.
  • Customise colours and logos to suit your branding.
  • Customise the data.
  • Dynamic reporting allows the data to be updated in real time.
Value to clients
  • See call data in a format that’s easier to view and digest.
  • Looks visually appealing to clients.
  • Compare data ranges to see changes, just like in Google Analytics.
Using Data Studio with your Call Tracking Data

Delacon’s call tracking data can be connected to Google Data Studio via AdWords and Google Analytics. By integrating call tracking into Google Analytics and AdWords, the call tracking data can be pushed into Data Studio to make it visually appealing and easy to read reports for your business or your clients.

The same data found in Google Analytics can be used to create these reports. This includes any Goals or Events created:

  • Total average call duration.
  • Total calls received.
  • Calls received by region.
  • Total phone call sales.
  • Total revenue from phone call sales.
  • Phone calls received per department.

You could also upload information into Data Studio directly from Google Sheets. This could include sales information exported out of your CRM.

See Screenshot below of what a typical Call Tracking report could look like in Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio
Why use Data Studio as opposed to GA?

Data Studio can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics. However it does have a number of advantages:

  • Limit in Google Analytics to 12 widgets. Data Studio is unlimited.
  • More customizable and visually friendly.
  • Shareable/collaborate – simply send the link of the report to clients or colleagues for easy viewing or editing. Google Analytics will require access and username/password to be provided.
  • Connect to multiple data sets including:

Plus hundreds more you can search for:

Data Sources

Interested in Google Data Studio?

If you would like to see call tracking data in Google Data Studio, speak to us today or see our setup guide!