Remarketing AdWords campaigns to telephone callers

It’s a key aim to devise ways to move prospects down the sales funnel as quickly as possible so they progress from an open lead to a fully-fledged customer. There are many strategies and techniques you can use to progress leads – remarketing using Google Ads is a particularly popular method. Prospects that check out your website will subsequently have display ads follow them around the web.

It’s widely accepted that prospects that call an organisation are closer to making a sales decision than those who visit a website and fill out a web submission form. It’s one thing to remarket to prospects who passively browse a website, it’s a much more focused remarketing exercise to target prospects who also call the business. These leads have pre-qualified themselves as red hot prospects.

With Classic Google Analytics, you can remarket to all prospects who called your organisation. By clicking on Add Segment, New Segment, Conditions, Behavior, Page and entering the URL for the Delacon conversion you can isolate prospects who called your company as a segment. With this unique segment, you can click on “Build Audience” to as Google Writes, “Build an audience in order to re-engage with these users with Remarketing.”

However with the roll-out of Google Universal Analytics, marketers can now segment the callers even further to create tailored remarketing campaigns specific to the way these prospects have interacted both with your website and with your call centre operators.

This more sophisticated segmentation of callers is largely thanks to Google’s introduction of custom dimensions and metrics.

With Delacon’s call tracking solution you can add around a dozen different custom dimensions. These include the Call ID, Call Status, Landing Page, Keywords and Survey Type. Depending on your business objectives you can create a unique segment for any of these custom dimensions and then remarket back to this select audience who decided to call your business.

A prime category for segmentation are prospects who are in the research and discovery stage of the sales funnel and phoned the business to ask for more information. Let’s identify these callers as, “enquiry callers.”

These hot leads are curious enough to pick up the phone to make an enquiry but aren’t ready to become a customer just yet. They clearly need some additional prodding that a specialised remarketing campaign will offer.

How do you remarket to enquiry callers?

There are several elements involved in setting up the remarketing to prospects who called your business.

You’ll need Delacon’s call tracking solution active on your website – so that you can accurately track prospects that make that call. In addition, your business should integrate call tracking with Google Universal Analytics.

As part of the call tracking solution, you could use our post call feedback survey. With this functionality, your call centre operators will be prompted to enter into their telephone keypads the call outcome once they’ve spoken with the prospect – this could include such customisable information as was this call a sale or enquiry? We could make it even simpler – Does this caller require remarketing yes or no?

Create a custom dimension for Call Survey Type

Once you have the foundations in place, you’ll need to set up a custom dimension for survey type in Google Universal Analytics. Click on Admin, Custom Definitions and Custom Dimensions. On the next screen, click on new custom dimension and type Survey Type into the name field, select session as the scope and click create. Finally click Done.

Link the Custom Dimension in Delacon’s system

Next, you’ll have to tell the Delacon system that you’ve created a custom dimension for the Survey Type. Access the Delacon system and edit the Universal Google Analytics mapping to include this new custom dimension.

Create a new segment based on a custom dimension

Based on the custom dimension, you’ll need to create a new segment in Analytics that only includes callers who made an enquiry call. From Reporting, click on +Add Segment and + New Segment. Enter Enquiry Calls Remarketing as the segment name – or whatever name you think is appropriate. Under Advanced, click on conditions, Ad Content, Custom Dimensions and Survey Type. Select “contains” and enter “enquiry” into the field – if this is what you used in the post-call survey.

Click on the arrow dropdown in the heading box for “Enquiry Calls” and select “build audience”. This will automatically transfer you across into the Admin remarketing section of Analytics.

Create the re-marketing campaign

Follow the steps through the Remarketing Audience section. When you click on Next Step, the Define Audience box will be pre-filled with the Conditions – “Survey Type” contains “enquiry.” Enter an appropriate Audience name and click save.

You’re now ready to set up your remarketing campaign in AdWords to automatically target telephone callers who made an enquiry to your business.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.