First Call Attribution Accurately Tracked In Salesforce

First call attribution accurately tracked in Salesforce

It’s always a cause of celebration when one of your sales team successfully convinces a prospect to sign up for your goods or services. That moment demonstrates the prowess of your sales person and the success of a marketing campaign that inspired the prospect to contact the organisation.

However the sales funnel of your organisation may be considerable – a sale may not be made immediately on first contact but may take weeks, if not months to close the deal.

Accurately capturing, documenting and saving the data around the first moment a prospect contacts an organisation and keeping the information connected to the prospect until they become a customer and beyond can be a challenge for organisations.

Luckily the CRM, Salesforce has developed sophisticated web to lead functionality to capture prospects that fill in an online submission form and press send.

But what happens if the prospect calls your company? How can you accurately attribute a sale to a call that may have taken place many months ago?

In the same way that the web to lead functionality operates, when Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with Salesforce, business can enjoy a call to lead functionality. When a prospect calls your operator a new lead is automatically created in Salesforce and populated with data about the call including the keywords used, the call duration, the search engine used, the landing page and the call outcome.

By mapping these fields across to the Account view – this data will stay with the prospect within your CRM until such time as you delete the Account from Salesforce – which is never a good idea.

When the prospect is converted to a customer, your analytics team will be able to trace the sale back to the phone call and the original keywords they used to find your business.

With these insights you can accurately identify the top performing keywords that deliver sales from a call, the top performing marketing campaigns that deliver sales from a call and the top performing landing pages that deliver sales from a call.

Accurate first call attribution is now possible due to Delacon’s call tracking integration with Salesforce. This exciting development will allow a direct comparison between clicks and calls within the same platform providing business with all conversion data.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.