Solution Integrates With Salesforce

Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution integrates with Salesforce

Delacon, a call tracking, call analysis and telecommunications company, announced today its integration of call tracking data into the Salesforce customer relationship management solution. This latest integration continues to fulfill Delacon’s determination to create an impressive portfolio of technical integrations into major global systems for their clients.

Salesforce addresses the veracious adoption of mobile devices, social networks and cloud computing and the change in customer expectations with its portfolio of enterprise class CRM apps and platform solutions – bringing together everything leading companies need to maximize performance across sales and service.

Effective customer relationship management solutions help keep sales reps and marketing teams focused on filling the sales pipeline and generating revenue – not manually tracking sales leads. By allowing teams to market through multiple channels and view all account-related information and activities, Salesforce Australia’s Customer Management Software reveals what works and what doesn’t – and converts leads into clients more often, more quickly.

“Marketers want a solution that helps them plan and execute great marketing campaigns, gives them insight into the impact of their marketing activities, and provides them with the ability to optimise marketing mix to deliver the most impact to their business – it’s smarter marketing,” said Delacon’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Center.

Delivering on its promise of innovation, Delacon’s integration of call tracking data into Salesforce adds new functionality to help marketers be smarter, enabling them to efficiently drive and manage their marketing campaigns; help businesses engage with potential customers and sell more effectively.

Marketers now have a powerful opportunity to improve their sales representatives’ success with every inbound call by delivering contextual data about each lead’s preferences. Delacon helps marketers achieve this by enabling the integration of call tracking data in real-time in Salesforce so that it is accessible by operators and sales reps.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.