Collect valuable information on each call

Call Feedback | DelaconDelacon’s Call Feedback Survey feature provides valuable data about each telephone call. It can assist you to optimise your marketing strategies based upon call conversions, monitor sales performance and identify training requirements.

After the customer hangs up, the operator will be prompted to use their telephone keypad to enter post-call information. The Call Feedback questions can be customised to suit your business requirements.

For example the sales consultant may be asked to:

  • Press 1 if the call was a sale
  • Press 2 if the call was an enquiry
  • Press 3 if the call was a complaint

If the call was a sale, the operator could be prompted to enter a dollar value for that call.

Analyse the data in Google Analytics

The call feedback data can be sent to your Google Analytics account so that you can see the full picture of your online marketing, right down to the actual sale values generated by particular keywords.


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Superior performance insights

Delacon’s Call Feedback Survey feature uses unique operator ID so that calls can be attributed to individual operators. This facilitates superior accountability and an even greater level of call intelligence.

Call feedback data is imported into both Delacon’s reporting system and into your Google Analytics account. This  allows greater awareness of your online and offline advertising.

It will answer such questions as:

  • The keywords or campaigns that most likely turn into a sale
  • The keywords or campaigns that yield the greatest sale value/ROI
  • The keywords or campaigns that yield the greatest quantity of calls
  • The keywords or campaigns that most likely result in basic enquiries or low performing telephone calls
  • An accurate picture of your ROI for online and offline advertising, PPC and SEO
  • Which online or offline campaigns should be ramped up and which campaigns are poorly converting into telephone calls
  • Measuring specific operator performance against set benchmarks.  For example, why is operator one generating more sales for telephone calls arising from a particular campaign above your set benchmarks or the average operator performance.
  • Average call duration for each call type.  Short call durations may mean that the keywords searched or the landing page is irrelevant to the callers’ needs.

Combine the Call Feedback Survey with Call Recording to listen to calls and determine what factors make a successful call and what doesn’t.

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