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  Survey Telephone Line

Delacon’s survey application is a cutting edge solution that can allow your organisation to conduct surveys both online and over the phone. The results are instantaneous and our dedicated team can customise reports for your organisation, making analysis and decision making easier than ever before.

A simple to use web interface means that you can log into the system as required and download the latest results.

Online and Phone Survey

This fantastic solution allows respondents to provide their feedback either online using a web entry application or using their telephone via our unique Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application. The combined convenience of both web and phone will significantly  improve response rates and due to the high penetration of mobile phones, people can take the survey almost anywhere, and straight after they may have experienced something that you're testing - e.g. an in-store experience.

Save Money & Time

Because this solution is fully automated there are none of the high costs associated with face-to-face interviews meaning big savings. There are also big time saving as the system can interview multiple respondents at once.

Possible Applications

  • Tracking studies - use the solution to monitor customer's changes in attitudes over time.
  • Rating response - quickly and widely assess your customer's opinions on different aspects of your service/product offering.
  • Polls and preference testing - gain quick response to product changes by getting customers thoughts immediately after they try a new or amended product.

Additional Features to the Survey Phone Line

This product can be easily customised to suit your business requirements. Some of the possible additional features include:

  • Speech recognition
  • Call diversion to your customer service or sales teams
  • Full range of customised reports
  • Instant updates and changes

Want to know more about our survey telephone line?

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