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  Mobile Call Tracking

Mobile Call Tracking

Delacon's mobile phone call tracking enables organisations to understand:

  • Where a potential customer is calling from (location)
  • What device the potential customer is using (mobile vs static platform)
  • The carrier / 3G ISP and the type of device (e.g. iPhone, Android etc) of the caller.

By placing some Delacon javascript code on your website, you'll know, in real-time this important information about your callers.  This provides you with real-time insight and enables customised messaging and marketing that leverages the real-time intelligence provided by Delacon's call tracking software.

Delacon clients utilise this intelligence in a variety of ways.  For example, incoming calls are splayed based on the 3G ISP.   Incoming calls from Telstra 3G phones are routed to call centre A, from Vodafone 3G phones to call centre B and from Optus 3G phone to call centre C.  Each call centre has straff trained specifically to deal with the types of enquiries from users of each 3G provider. 


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