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Call tracking and Google Analytics support with Phone Lead Alert


In order for marketers to make smart and effective decisions, it is important to have as much relevant information as possible. Getting a complete picture of how your web marketing strategies are performing is crucial - and as leads can originate from a variety of sources, including online and offline, you will need your data to reflect this.

This is why Delacon's Phone Lead Alert call tracking solution offers not only detailed call reporting, but seamless integration into your analytics platform too. Being able to simultaneously analyse this data can give marketers a competitive advantage, offering you unprecedented insight into consumer responses across all channels.

An Introduction to Delacon's Call Tracking

Delacon integrates with leading digital marketing solutions

Seamless integration is a crucial consideration when it comes to choosing new software. When you work with Delacon, you can rest assured that Phone Lead Alert can be integrated with numerous digital marketing solutions, including leading web analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), bid management, landing optimisation and marketing automation applications.

In fact, we have a specialist integrations team that works directly with our integration partners - this ensures that our customers can make the very most of their call tracking data across a complete range of business activities. Delacon products integrate with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Omniture, Marin, Salesforce and Acquisio - allowing you to create powerful, flexible and optimised solutions that support your marketing strategy.

Seamless Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Marin and Salesforce integration

Delacon's sophisticated call tracking plug-in allows you to view and compare data related to both web and phone leads at the same time. This gives marketers the ability to generate custom reports - and therefore have more knowledge about your customers and their behaviour.

The benefit of integrating Delacon’s Phone Lead Alert call tracking data into Google Analytics is being able to quickly evaluate the online to offline conversion and true return on investment for online campaigns. Having this invaluable real-time data enables marketers to instantly refine online investments to maximise ROI and sales.

You can view call data from within your Google Analytics reports by matching up a URL that contains your on-page tracking code with a trackable phone number from Delacon - this can be a 1800 or 1300 number, or alternatively, you may wish to use a phone number you already own.

When a customer dials this trackable phone number, the call tracking plug-in ensures that a browser visit is recorded for the specified URL - this is recorded as an "event". Check out the simple steps below to find out how to get started.

Adding call information into Google Analytics

The process of adding your call information to your existing Google Analytics account couldn't be easier - here are six simple steps to help explain the process:

You will need to incorporate the Delacon tracking JavaScript on the pages of your website.
Then, you will provide Delacon with your Google Analytics profile ID.
When a web user visits your site, the session is tracked by Delacon and a phone number is returned to the page. Delacon will also track how the customer's session originated - whether it was from a direct visit, a Google ad or a specific search keyword.
The web user views the phone number and calls it if they are interested.
Delacon recognises this call as a conversion. Our new Call Feedback feature also captures in real-time the call outcome, such as whether a sale was made, and the value of the sale.
The call data is added to the Google Analytics account, where it is recorded as a conversion based on pre-configured rules set up by you. These rules are completely customisable.
To find out more about Phone Lead Alert's seamless integration with Google Analytics, or to learn about Delacon's new Google Adwords plugin, select below:

Acquisio - an insightful call tracking partnership

Delacon is proud to partner with leading North American web analytics developer Acquisio, which offers a sophisticated platform of data analysis tools. Acquisio is a market leader when it comes to pay-per-click management tools.

These can synchronise with industry-standard search marketing programs, allowing you to optimise marketing campaigns for both online and offline conversions.

This partnership, as well as Delacon's unique call tracking plug-in, allows us to offer businesses a completely new set of possibilities when it comes to data - giving you the tools you need to gain better insights into consumer responses across internet and telephone channels.

Delacon data is integrated by Acquisio as additional metrics in its Client Center and Campaign Browser. In addition, call and online conversions can be summarised in its total conversion metrics. The data can then be accessed through the Acquisio Report Centre, and can also be considered when setting up campaign algorithms and automation rules.

Delacon makes integrating your call tracking data easy

While the call tracking technology is highly complex, users find it straightforward and intuitive to use. You can even customise the plug-in so it shows you exactly the data you are looking for - and the team at Delacon is available to provide assistance and support through every stage of the process.

Get in touch with the team at Delacon today to find out more about integrating call tracking data into your web analytics platform.

To learn about Delacon's Google Adwords plugin, click here.


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