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* SAVE MONEY – we host the system meaning no hardware, software or associated management costs for your business

* IVR can quickly reduce call centre loads and ensure calls go exactly where they’re supposed to.

* IVR can be voice driven activated so no numbers need to be pressed or remembered

  Touch tone ivr - Overview


From only $11 per month any size business can implement a touch tone IVR that will improve their inbound call flow and increase customer satisfaction. The solution is fully hosted by Delacon so there are no additional costs and you can even keep your exiting number. Fast deployment means that you can have a professional IVR up and running in just a few business days.



  • Suits Any Size Business - no matter what size your business, this solution will save time and money as calls will be directed to the right area first time. It will reduce call loads on your reception and mean that customers spend less time on hold.
  • Build Your Phone Presence - The IVR will help build your organisation's professional appearance - no matter what size you are you can have a big phone presence at a very small price.
  • Save Money - You can save money as our fully hosted IVR solutions offer a viable option to purchasing an expensive hardware based telecommunications system.
  • Simple & Quick to Implement - Delacon can help you set up your IVR very quickly. We can advise you on possible call flows and suggest solutions for your business problems.
  • Allow International Customers to Call you from a Local Number - As Delacon uses VOIP/SIP we can setup international telephone numbers that divert into our data centre from any country at low cost.

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    Example 1.

    IVR Message Action
    Welcome to XYZ Company.  
    Please press 1 to speak to sales Call is diverted to a member of the sales team
    Please press 2 to speak to accounts Call is diverted to a member of the accounts team
    Please press 3 to speak to support Call is diverted to a member of the support team
    Please press 4 to speak with an operator Call is diverted to reception


    Example 2.

    IVR Message Action
    Welcome to XYZ Conference information line.  
    To hear information about our morning session please press 1 Recorded message provides information about the morning session
    To hear information about our afternoon session please press 2 Recorded message provides information about afternoon session
    For driving and parking directions please press 3 Recoded message explains driving and parking directions
    For information about the venue and its  facilities please press 4 Recorded message plays information about the venue
    To have an information pack sent out to you, please press 5 and leave your name and address after the tone Voice message is recorded and emailed to the specified email address



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