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Hosted IVR



* Lower set up costs than traditional legacy based IVR platforms.

* A fully hosted solution saves you even more money.

* Open standards based coding means seamless integration with your existing web infrastructure.

* Delacon manages and maintains all hardware which means big long-term saving for your organisation and
ensures cutting edge technology.

* Excellent after-sales care and ongoing advice and consultancy as required.


  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Overview

Delacon's Direct Stream IVR solution is a fully hosted application that can help your business improve customer service and reduce costs. Using the latest in VoiceXML and speech recognition technology, your application's on our 24 X 7 managed servers are readily scalable and extremely quick to implement.

Direct Stream provides standards based conversion of telephone lines into flexible SIP telephony sessions using Dialogic technology that allows 2, 4 or 8, T1/E1 ports in a single rack.

The diagram below illustrates how Delacons Direct Stream IVR solution works:



Direct Stream IVR Hosting Facilities

Providing all the capabilities of the turnkey solution, Delacon's hosted platform offers an economical alternative to a turnkey or legacy IVR system. Our solution does not require hardware or software investment and is managed by Delacon. And because we are specialists in this area we are constantly investing in the latest upgrades and infrastructure.

Hosted Solutions Save Your Organisation Money

Pricing will depend on your unique business requirements and volumes. As a guide, our IVR charges start from as low as $0.05 per minute for high volume clients. For more detailed pricing ideas please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a complete quote within 24 hours.

Customer Service and Support

Delacon is committed to after sale care. We see our customers as business partners so we endeavor to build an ongoing relationship. This, coupled with our 24/7 technical support means that you're in very safe hands.


Delacon is currently providing IVR hosted services to clients in the Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and Hong Kong through our hosted centre.  Contact us for further information.



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